This site is just a very brief introduction to who I am, what I’m doing and what I would like to do in the future.

With a Grammar School education and some supplementary professional qualifications I have carved a successful career in the insurance business having worked for some of the industry ‘giants’ like Sedgwick, Marsh, AIG (now Chartis), Zurich and others.

My current focus is on providing insurance review management services to businesses from SME right up to mid-corporate clients and public sector bodies.  Advice that produces large year on year savings in overall cost.

I am very supportive of independent brokers – especially in the SME sector as these businesses more than any other need high quality local advice rather than just low premiums and cheap credit.

I live a comfortable and enjoyable life in the New Forest with my beautiful wife of 12-months and partner of 12 years, Lisa.

I also run a  and build business for SME businesses that grew from the frustration of having to deal with either web designers with no understanding of the word ‘budget’ or who provide over- simplistic solutions by failing to understand what I do.

So I learned some code and started to build my site, then another – the story unfolds predictably from here.  I now work with a web-build company that has real expertise and can offer solutions beyond my understanding for a more professional result.

I am approached from time to time to come back into the insurance industry – and for the right job I would certainly consider this.

So, that’s me.