Insurance Review Director

This is my main development project – utilising the 35 years I have spent looking after clients insurance and risk interests.

My work history is in another part of this site, but this service is offered to business and public/voluntary sector organisations to help them manage, review and appoint insurance intermediaries and companies as part of a periodic review.

Many organisations put off this sort of comprehensive review because of resource issues. My involvement can reduce senior managers time at the start of the process and helps them to structure a review for the best result.

Typically businesses with a premium spend over £20k are likely to make substantial sustainable savings in both premiums and fees that cover my costs a number of times over.

Increasing cosiness between insurers and intermediaries has made it more difficult for organisations to understand whether they are getting best value from these relationships and by allowing a third party to review things dispassionately and independently of the broker imperative to ‘win’ business makes a whole lot of sense.

I offer a range of services but typically these involve either a silent broker audit that doesn’t undermine existing relationships, a full independent review service and an on-going insurance manager service for those that require further help.