My passions centre on my love of technology and sport – something that fuses perfectly in my single most passionate pastime – cycling.

As a former junior road-race champion in the days when cycling as a sport was seen as just plain odd, I have always ridden for fitness, for pleasure and sometimes just to release the pressure inside.  A wonderful athletic pursuit that gets you places that runners will never extend to.  I still do non-competitive rides (Sportives) over distances of 60 to 100 miles and whilst not competitive events (honestly officer) they are a great test of fitness and endurance with like-minded souls.

The technological side to cycling has grown through the years with ever more sophisticated technologies brought to bear on the humble bike in an effort to make it lighter, stiffer, faster and slip through the air unhindered and all this appeals to the frustrated engineer in me.

I love music and play a bit of guitar but there is rarely a time when there isn’t music playing somewhere in the house.  My favourite artists all seem to be passing on, but if I had an all-time favourite it was John Martyn who I saw live probably 9 times and have all of his albums (some repeated on vinyl).  Sadly John died in 2009 and has left the biggest hole in the musical world that nobody has filled to this day.  If you have never heard of John, check out the 1973 album Solid Air.

I have recently been involved in the committee that puts on our free four-day village music festival and that was great fun (we’ll be back on the committee next year) and we raised over £6k for good causes.  Lisa and I went without wedding presents last year and in their stead we asked guests to contribute to charity and we raised nearly £1,000.

I hope to get more involved in charity work as it is so rewarding at every level.