spartina design

This is my creative work project.  A digital design consultancy that concentrates on the client business rather than expensive, high-maintenance portfolio pieces.

I came to this out of frustration whilst  trying to get someone to build me a web site for my insurance business.  I was constantly bombarded by technical jargon and design-led fripperies that would have turned the project into a cripplingly expensive site with little guarantee of functional worth.

The answer (because I had the time) was to start to teach myself web-construction and coding.  The early attempts were pretty poor, but I am proud of these first tries because some of them have lasted the course and I get enquiries to build similar sites all the time!

But I have moved this business forward to develop an economical style of producing sites aimed squarely at SME businesses that require a good-looking, functionally efficient site that they can link to social media and maintain and develop themselves with ease.

This has gone very well so far by word of mouth alone and I have now introduced another London-based business into the mix for more complex sites where their expertise is needed.

The business is spartina design.